Adult Fitness

Participate in an organized lap swim workout intended to increase muscular strength, aerobic endurance, stroke technique and build overall fitness! Qualified coaches offer in-depth analysis and feedback on your stroke and help direct you to a lane with swimmers of similar ability and experience.

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Drop-in Adult Fitness

Join us for drop-in Adult Fitness at Simpkins Family Swim Center!

Lap Swim 50-Meter Pool
  • 50-meter pool with 17 lanes, each 25 yards in length.
  • 78°F pool temperature.
  • Pool depth is 3.5 feet deep to 8 feet deep.
  • 4 of the 17 lap swim lanes are 3.5-4 feet deep.
  • Lane capacity is 5 swimmers maximum while circle swimming.
Adult Fitness Fees & Details
  • Locker rooms with bathrooms, changing area, hot showers, and lockers (bring your own lock).
  • Pull buoys and kickboards are available on the pool deck for shared use.
  • No towel service is available.

A water wheel chair is available at the swim center. Each pool has stationary, ADA compliant lifts plus a mobile lift for entry into the pools. An additional gender-inclusive bathroom is available with an ADA shower, changing bed, locker, and toilet.
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