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Santa Cruz County Percent For Art Public Art Program
In April of 1991, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors took action to establish a Percent for Art Program applicable to County construction projects. Up to 2% of the cost of construction of buildings and parks may be designated to fund the inclusion of public art work.

County Administrative Officer Susan Mauriello aptly described the philosophy behind the Percent for Art program in her March 29, 1991 letter to the Board of Supervisors, recommending that the Board approve the program. She wrote, "During this year of limited resources, it is essential that our desire for fiscal prudence be integrated with the understanding that buildings are long-term assets which our citizenry can enjoy for generations. Consider the value of public structures such as the Marin Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the old wing of our State Capitol building and our wonderful memories of the Cooper House. These buildings were more than offices. They are the legacies left for us by public servants of earlier generations. In this way, we too have an obligation to our future. The aesthetics of our structures and the value of public art forms should be on our minds when we are considering capital building and park projects."

Recently completed projects include the Watsonville Courthouse (pictured, a mobile by Timothy Rose and a bronze piece by Paul Cheney and the Animal Services Building. This year, several new public art projects are in the works including: the The Farm Park in Soquel; in Live Oak - Felt Street Park, Volunteer Center/Live Oak Family Resource Center, Chanticleer Park, and Pleasure Point Parkway Park. 

Interactive Map of Public Art Locations

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