Activities at Quail Hollow



Enjoy over 5 miles of easy to moderate trails (to protect precious wildlife, no dogs on trails).  The trailhead is located just a hundred feet east of the visitor center (the opposite side of the center from the parking lot) near big Wisteria bush.  From there, you can take the easy 1-mile Discovery or shaded Italian/Chaparral loop trails, or the moderate 3-mile Woodrat/Sunset/Chaparral loop.  The Woodrat trail, with a lovely viewpoint in only .5 mile, is a hiker-only trail, while the others are shared by hikers and equestrians.  Interested in wildflowers?  Woodrat trail is your best bet in the spring and early summer. Click here for a description of each trail, and click here for a self-guided tour of the Italian / Lower Chaparral trail loop.

Quail Hollow Ranch Trail Map


Interpretive Programs, Classes, and Park Events

Are you interested in learning more about the area's natural and cultural resources? Weekends and occasional Friday evenings are the times for the general public to enjoy interpretive programs at Quail Hollow Ranch. Topics range from stargazing, sandhills hikes, journaling, snake handling, and birding, to art classes, house tours, fiber arts demonstrations and history tours. Many programs are free or low-cost, and are offered to a variety of ages.  SC County Parks 2021 Summer Activity Guide for a list of events. Join the Friends of Quail Hollow Facebook page to get updates on events.

*NEW! Agents of Discovery App (Free)

Are you ready for an adventure? Using the FREE Agents of Discovery app, you are invited to complete six different challenges at Quail Hollow Ranch County Park!
1. Join Agents of Discovery, the not-so-secret, secret agency dedicated to learning and playing outdoors to solve challenges!
2. To get started, download the free game to your mobile device. After downloading the app, travel to Quail Hollow Ranch County Park and walk around the park to find all six challenges!
3. This game will help you discover the great outdoors-use the hints and clues from your surroundings to solve mysteries of nature, culture, and technology!

Educational Birthday Parties

Are you looking for something new and different to do for your child's birthday? Try our unique and entertaining educational birthday parties for children ages 5 to 11. Groups of up to 15 children can learn about science, nature, or history while celebrating their birthday. Bring the food and beverages, presents, goodie bags, and the kids – we'll do the rest! Choose from nine themes. For specific party themes see the Birthday Parties brochure. The cost is $160 (resident) or $176 (non-resident) for a two-hour party. At least one adult must remain with the group. Call the park at least two weeks in advance at 831-335-9348 to sign up.

Field Trips

If you are looking for a way to deepen your students’ connection to science and nature, check out our five-lesson sequence, which is based on the 5 E Instructional Model and aligned with NGSS. This sequence offers teachers two pre-field trip lessons, a guided field trip, and two post-field trip lessons. It was  developed in cooperation with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education Teacher Leadership Institute.  The new curriculum developed for Quail Hollow Ranch County Park uses an inquiry-based approach, adopted from the John Muir Laws Guide to Nature Journaling. It is aimed at fostering curiosity and heightening observation skills. Please see the Field Trip Brochure for more information and contact info. to sign up.  


Day Camps

Day Camps offer an outdoors adventure for ages 6 - 12.  We will take an explorative approach to education and provide a learning environment for campers, while also giving them a break from school.  Quail Hollow Ranch has 300 acres to explore, with varied ecosystems.  A wide range of plants and animals make it a biodiversity hotspot.  Call 831-335-9348 for more information. 





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