Agents of Discovery

READY, SET, EXPLORE! The free Agents of Discovery mobile app game gets kids outdoors, active and engaged with the natural world at Santa Cruz County Parks! Through the fun and interactive missions, kids and adults alike will be challenged and rewarded as they explore.

How to Play Agents of Discovery at County Parks

How to Play
  • Download the FREE Agents of Discovery app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  • Select Missions and scroll to find current Santa Cruz County Parks missions.
  • Log in each time you play to save your progress and accumulate USBees to earn more prizes.
  • Email with a screenshot of your "Mission Accomplished" message for each mission to earn a prize!
  • Check back often for new missions to complete at parks throughout Santa Cruz County!
Extra Tip
To preserve battery life on your mobile device, download the app prior to your visit. When at the park, turn off data or WiFi.

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