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Building Partnerships


Thank you to K&D Landscaping for generously donating their time and resources to beautify the landscaping at Aptos Village Park. The Following businesses donated materials and plants: Boulders-Aptos Landscape Suply, Mulch-Vision Recycling, Irrigation materials-Ewing, Plants-Suncrest.

Please contact County Parks’ Volunteer Coordinator office via email: Margaret.Ingraham@santacruzcounty.us

Recent Volunteer Projects & News

Parks, Trails, Beaches, Programs, and more!  How can volunteers help? Individuals and groups can volunteer for a one-day project or dedicate themselves to an on-going or long-term project. Anyone can become a volunteer, whether you are an individual, family, or part of a group!  Volunteer opportunities at County Parks include:

Adopt a Park – Volunteer groups may adopt one of our parks, natural areas, or facilities. Responsibilities include park beautification, reporting park needs, installing and monitoring bird nesting boxes, and other environmental projects.  

Adopt a Trail – Volunteer groups adopt sections of paved or natural trails, reporting trail needs, and performing small projects.  

Adopt a Project – Assist with Special Events, a project you are passionate about, or a new park! 

All volunteers receive project coordination, safety orientation, and materials needed for the specific project from the Santa Cruz County Parks Department prior to the start of their service. 

Park Projects

Volunteer groups are being formed now for many park projects, including Park Watch, Habitat Restoration, and Trails. Thank you for being actively involved with our community!  For more information or to sign up, please contact County Parks’ Volunteer Coordinator office via email: Margaret.Ingraham@santacruzcounty.us

Quail Hollow Ranch Volunteers

Volunteers may lead interpretive programs, remove invasive non-native plants, assist with children's programs, maintain trails or garden, among other things. In return for your time you will gain a greater understanding of one of the more well-kept secrets of the Santa Cruz Mountains and feel good about giving back to your community. For more information, please contact County Parks’ Volunteer Coordinator office via email: Margaret.Ingraham@santacruzcounty.us or call Quail Hollow Ranch at (831) 335-9348.

Summer Camp Volunteers

Spend your spare time this summer helping recreation staff lead games, art & crafts projects, sports, and more for children ages 5-12. Gain valuable work experience and learn some useful job skills.  Get an application now by calling Oscar Arroyo at (831) 454-7923. Applications are due by May 5.  If you are chosen to be a volunteer, you must attend a training session on Saturday, May 20, from 12-3 PM. Please note: There is a $50 fee to participate in this program.

Junior Lifeguard Volunteers

The Junior Lifeguard Volunteer Program is designed for young adults ages 14-16 who want to develop their leadership skills and gain valuable work experience while volunteering with the Pool Junior Lifeguard Program. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please call Rebecca Hurley at (831) 454-7930.

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