La Selva Beach Day Camp 2019

Register your 6-12 year old child for a fun-filled summer of games, arts & crafts, sports, cooking, field trips, and SUMMER ADVENTURE TRIPS! Participants will be divided into groups for age-appropriate activities. Program participants will receive a camp t-shirt, which must be worn on all field trips. The staff to child ratio is 1:15 or less on site and 1:8 for field trips. Trip destinations are subject to change. Please note - the sites are closed on all field trip days. Send your child with a lunch and snacks each day, wearing closed-toe shoes (i.e., sneakers).

SUMMER ADVENTURE TRIPS! Mark your calendars for this summer's Adventure Trips, which provide children registered in the La Selva Beach Summer Camp an opportunity for  exciting off-site excursions.  Trip are supervised by the La Selva Summer Camp staff.  To ensure maximum safety, each leader is assigned a small group of children, each of whom has a buddy.  Your child must be registered for the La Selva Beach Summer Camp to attend a trip

We offer three 3-week summer sessions at the La Selva Beach Clubhouse:

Session 1 = June 10 – June 28

Session 2 = July 1 – July 19 (closed 7/4)

Session 3 = July 22 – August 9 

A week before each session begins, parents will receive an information handbook and an emergency information card.  Please be sure to review the information in the handbook, and fill out the emergency card completely.  The emergency card must be given to the site staff on the first day of camp. If you have not received your handbook and emergency card before the first day your child will attend camp, please call the site staff.  Send your child with a lunch and snacks each day, wearing closed-toe shoes.

Session 1 Field Trips:   6/26 - Raging Waters - A ton of water activities including rides, activity pools, lagoons, and a meandering Endless River !

Session 2 Field Trips:   7/17 - Golfland - You won’t believe how much you can do in one day! Miniature golf, water slides, and a huge video arcade await us!

Session 3 Field Trips:   8/7 - Great America - An exciting amusement park with rides that will lift you up high, spin you around, or splash you with water!

Click on desired option(s) to register for that course.

Sessions 1 - 3

Program Name Time/Day Fee Sess 1
Sess 2
Sess 3
Full Time Camp 7:30 AM-6 PM -15 days $741/$815 #6819 #6820 #6821
Camp Program 10 AM-3:30 PM - 15 days $464/$510 #6813 #6814 #6815
10 days Camp Program 10 AM-3:30 PM - 10 days $361/$397 #6810 #6811 #6812
5 days Camp Program 10 AM-3:30 PM - 5 days $206/$227 #6816 #6817 #6818
15 days AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 15 days $167/$184 #6827 #6830 #6833
10 days AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 10 days $135/$149 #6826 #6829 #6832
5 days AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 5 days $78/$86 #6828 #6831 #6834
15 days PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 15 days $167/$184 #6836 #6839 #6842
10 days PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 10 days $135/$149 #6835 #6838 #6841
5 days PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 5 days $78/$86 #6837 #6840 #6843
  • *Program not held 7/4.
  • For 5 or 10 day options, you must indicate the days your child will be attending at the time of registration. Switching days is discouraged, as it impacts staff to child ratios.
  • The daily drop-in fee for AM or PM Care is $17 , payable on site the day you use the program.You must check with site staff for availability prior to dropping your child off early or picking your child up late from the program.
  • Your child must be enrolled in the Camp Program to attend AM or PM Care; AM and PM Care days must be the same days as those chosen for Camp Program.
  • Please register early, as spaces fill quickly.There is a 15% discount for each sibling who is registered for the same program. Summer Camp scholarships are available; please see page 5 of the 2019/20 Activity Pamphlet for information.

For more information or to register - Please call (831) 454-7941 - Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

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979 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
General Information (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Phone: (831)