Spring Day Camp 2016 - "Ports of Call"

March 28-April 1, 2016 at Aptos Village Park, 7:30AM-6PM

All aboard for an Imagination Creation Cruise!  Your child can spend their spring break taking an imaginary discovery cruise with Santa Cruz County Parks staff.  Each day will be packed with fun as we "cruise" to and explore a different country.  Activities may include tasting authentic food dishes, crafts, regional games, exploring music and more.  Weather permitting, we will also journey to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for a day of rides and fun.  Get your "passports" now! 

Important:  You may register your child in the extended care programs (AM & PM Care) only if they are enrolled in the “Rec. Core” program. Pre-registration is required. A participant information & emergency card must be filled out before your child can attend the program; this can be done on site the first day.  Please send your child with a lunch and snack each day,  wearing closed-toe shoes (no sandals) and with a jacket or sweatshirt.   

Please note - the site is closed on field trip days. Send your child with a lunch and snacks each day, wearing closed-toe shoes (i.e., sneakers).  

Click on desired option(s) to register for that course.

Program Name Time/Day Fee Prog. #
Full Time   7:30 AM-6 PM -5 days $222/$244 #16390
Rec. Core 10 AM-3:30 PM - 5 days $144/$158 #16394
AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 5 days $51/$57 #16387
PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 5 days $51/$57 #16391
60% Core 10 AM-3:30 PM - 3 days $99/$109 #16395
60% AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 3 days $36/$39 #16388
60% PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 3 days $36/$39 #16392
40% Core 10 AM-3:30 PM - 2 days $76/$84 #16396
40% AM Care 7:30-10 AM - 2 days $27/$30 #16389
40% PM Care 3:30-6 PM - 2 days $27/$30 #16393
  • For part-time options, you must indicate the days your child will be attending at the time of registration. Switching days is discouraged, as it impacts staff to child ratios.
  • The daily drop-in fee for AM or PM Care is $16 , payable on site the day you use the program.You must check with site staff for availability prior to dropping your child off early or picking your child up late from the program.
  • Your child must be enrolled in the Camp Program to attend AM or PM Care; AM and PM Care days mustbe same days as those chosen for Camp Program.
  • Please register early, as spaces fill quickly. There is a 15% discount for each sibling who is registered for the same program. 

For more information or to register by phone - Please call (831) 454-7941 - Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services
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