WELLBEATS Fitness On-demand at the Simpkins Swim Center/Community Room 

WELLBEATS Fitness provides a wide variety of on-demand workouts, with over 21 channels and hundreds of classes, as well as a wide variety of fit tests and workout plans. There is something for every age, stage and ability! Classes start this spring. Contact Swim Center staff for fees and more information at  (831) 454-7960. 

WELLBEATS Fit Tests offer a benchmark for participants to measure their progress over time - there is a basic fit test, as well as two intermediate fit tests. Each consists of a workout, accompanied by a scorecard to track results.   

Fitness Solutions That Fit Your Life - Start Where YOU Feel Comfortable!

  • Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just getting started, we offer something for everyone with classes 5-50 minutes long.
  • Try a new style or learn something new with our Tutorial and Basic classes.
  • Progress at your own pace with multi-level instruction. Each class offers choices to modify the movements or give yourself an extra challenge.
  • In many of the classes, there are three instructors on screen, demonstrating the various options. 

We will be offering a wide variety of Class Channels & Workout Plans, including:

Class Channels Workout Plans
Bar Strong – Strength building
Definitions – Straight sculpting
eXpress – fast, efficient fitness
Fusion – yoga/Pilates meld
Kettle Power – intense strength & stamina
Kinetics – metabolic conditioning
Office Breaks – active at work
Pregnancy Express – pre/post pregnancy
Stomp – all around step
Time Savers – 15 min. or less
TKO – kickboxing conditioning
Transitions – active aging 45+
Vibe – World beat dance
BOSU balance trainer
Get Started (4 weeks)
Lose Weight (8 weeks)
Build Strength (6 weeks)
Relieve Stress (4 weeks)
Get Fit 1 (4 weeks)
Get Fit 2 (5 weeks)
Get Fit 3 (8 weeks)
Increase Flexibility (4 weeks) 
Get Toned (5 weeks)
Maintain, Don’t Gain (4 weeks)


Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services
979 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
General Information (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Phone: (831) 454-7901PRCweb@santacruzcounty.us