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Online picnic reservations are now available for Anna Jean Cummings Pavilion sides A and B, Brommer Picnic Pavilion, Jose Avenue Picnic Pavilion, and Pinto Lake Pavilions A and B with day rate reservations only, 7 days a week. See the Book online link above!



Important note when reserving a picnic online: To add a jump house, select 'Event Type' then toggle down to option 'Picnic with Jump House Permit'

Jump houses are only available for use at a few parks with our required permit and may be included at the time of the picnic reservation only, including reservations made online.

****Effective February 1, 2019 the Jose Avenue Park covered Pavilion Picnic area is now available by reservation only*** 

****The lower picnic area at Highlands Park, formerly known as the Redwood Deck Picnic Area will be available by reservation only as of April 1, 2019****

Santa Cruz County Parks has a variety of group picnic areas available by reservation only 7 days a week with barbecue facilities that can accommodate family reunions, birthday parties, company outings and organization picnics. Alcohol and music are not permitted except a Sound Permit may be issued only at the reservable Pinto Lake Picnic Pavilions A and B, May through September 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Select your favorite site and reserve it for your event. Check availability, keeping in mind that there is only one booking per date. Download the Picnic Permit Reservation Request form and conditions of use information, and return, with the reservation fees, to the County Parks office at 979 17th Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (in the Simpkins Family Swim Center). You may also phone-in reservations up to one week prior to the event, or to book a 4 hour minimum reservation if within 3 weeks of the day. The picnic areas available by reservation only are: Anna Jean Park Picnic Pavilion sides A and B, Brommer Park Picnic Pavilion and Patio Area, Pinto Lake Park Picnic Areas A and B, Jose Avenue Park Picnic Pavilion, and reservable as of April 1st, 2019 the Highlands Park lower Picnic Area. 

Jump houses are only available for use at the reservable picnic areas listed below, with our required permit requested at the time of the picnic reservation only.  HoweverJump houses are also available for use with the required jump house permit for drop-in use, small groups of 30 persons maximum (including children) at Scott Park in Watsonville or Felton Covered Bridge Park in Felton. Insurance is required with a jump house, otherwise insurance is not required; however be sure to read the Agreement to Hold Harmless.

Anna Jean Cummings Park has a group picnic area with a large covered pavilion area and barbecue grills that can be rented for two smaller picnics (50 persons maximum each side) or combined for a large group, 100 persons maximum to include children. It is close to our state of the art playgrounds. Book early to get a space at this popular spot. The picnic pavilion is available as a reservable group picnic & barbeque facility only. A jump house permit for Side A only may be included at the time of the reservation only; electricity is provided.

Brommer Street Park has a covered pavilion picnic area and barbecue grill available by reservation for a group with 50 persons maximum (including children). The picnic area is located near an abundant grassy area, playground and a basketball/tennis court.  The softball field is also available by reservation. A jump house permit needs to be included at the time of the reservation only; a generator is required.

Highlands Park has two picnic areas. The upper picnic area is for drop-in use, first come, first served. The lower picnic area, formerly known as the Redwood Deck Picnic Area, will be available by reservation only as of April 1, 2019. Both picnic areas have barbecue grills and can accomodate small groups for 30 persons maximum to include children. A jump house permit needs to be included at the time of the reservation only; a generator is required.

Jose Avenue Park This park features County Parks' first ever 'skate park' along with a community gardenbasketball court, play structure, art, an open field and restrooms. The picnic pavilion will be available by reservation only as of February 1, 2019 for groups of 30 persons maximum including children. A jump house permit will be available soon; generators are not permitted at this park so please check back with us. 

Pinto Lake County Park has identical covered pavilions with grills and electricity that will each accommodate 100 persons maximum each. Pavilion A is near the playground and Pavilion B is near the baseball field. The pavilions are available as a reservable group picnic & barbeque facility. A jump house permit for pavilions A and B may be included at the time of the reservation only; electricity is provided.

As of January 1, 2018 a deposit will no longer be required per picnic reservation at Pinto Lake Park. However, the following are not permitted: portable bbq's and cookstoves (i.e. propane stoves, comal pozo/discos) and the disposal of cooking oil or debris at the park (including garbage receptacles). No charcoal, ash, or cooking oil disposal on park property; must be safely disposed of away from the park.

Other important information about reserving a Group Picnic or Barbecue Facility:

  • Mechanical bucking broncos and other motorized activities are not permitted.      
  • Jump Houses require a $60 permit fee and use is only available in the reservable group picnic areas, except on Side B at Anna Jean Cummings Park.  Upon request we can provide a list of vendors who have their insurance on file with the Parks office per the county insurance requirements. Anna Jean Picnic Area A, and the Pinto Lake Picnic Areas have electricity provided. Jose Avenue Picnic will have electricity available; jump house start date to be determined. Brommer Park, Highlands Park lower Picnic Area, Scott Park and Felton Covered Bridge Park requires the use of a generator.
  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted in the County Parks outdoor facilities.
  • Portable barbecues and cookstoves (i.e. propane camp stoves, comal pozo/disco) are not permitted. Taco cart vendors require approval from our office. No charcoal, ash, or cooking oil disposal on park property, including garbage receptacles.
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